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Sawyer the Robot Barista

The top photo shows Marcin, Sam, Kuba, Vasco, Ian and Gabriel. Second photo shows Sam, Ryan, Kuba and Marcin. The third photo shows Vasco, Gabriel and Ian. Bishop Murphy Boys Yearn to see the New Robot Barista in Tokyo A group of boys from Bishop Murphy Memorial School heard about the new Robot Barista in […]

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Attendance drives a great success at Bishop Murphy

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways to prepare children for success and that is our motto at Bishop Murphy School. Having a positive attitude to learning and education is key and gives a child an excellent start in life. We are striving for 100 percent attendance and with that goal […]

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Friendship Week 2017

Friendship Week was a very exciting one in Bishop Murphy School. Staff and pupils alike partook enthusiastically in the Random Acts of Kindness Initiative. Everyone agreed that kindness has a very positive effect on people. The initiative was launched in the school on Friday March 24th when a timetable for the week was distributed to […]

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Station Teaching 2017

The Station Teaching model is one which sees a class being split into groups and each group is led by a teacher. This is a collaborative effort to increase student achievement. In Bishop Murphy we had four station teaching groups in 2nd/3rd class. The stations were reading, grammar, spelling and listening. Each teacher had responsibility […]

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Some boys really enjoyed “Penguins in the Fridge” by Nicola Moon. It was a nice story. Joe really wanted a pet. Joe’s mum did not. She thought pets were too smelly, too expensive and too noisy. In her opinion, pets were too everything. Joe was very sad. However he decided to get his bits and […]

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The Story of Chocolate by Noah and Kuba

    When we think about chocolate, the following words come to mind- delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering, yummy. However when we bite into a bar of chocolate how many of us actually think about where chocolate comes from, how it is made and who is responsible for its production. Recently in Bishop Murphy School in Fermoy […]

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Hosting the North Cork Sports

Bishop Murphy School Hosts the North Cork Sports The North Cork Sports has for many years been a traditional competitive event between local Christian Brothers Schools. Since the demise of the order, the now lay schools have continued this tradition and boys attending the former Christian Brothers Schools in North Cork look forward to the […]

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