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Christmas Carol Singing

On Wednesday, December 12th the 6th Class boys of Bishop Murphy Memorial School were invited to Dealz, Fermoy. The children were asked to sing Christmas carols to help fund raise for the extremely worthy cause of the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. Funds raised will be used to enrich the experiences of children living with life-threatening […]

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Friendship Week 2018

Friendship Week 2018 was celebrated in BMMS in conjunction with Fermoy Friendship Week. It was a fun filled week with a wide range of activities to promote friendship. Here’s a small snippet of some of the activities pupils enjoyed – making a new buddy, reciting poems, singing songs, writing friendship recipes, playing inclusive games and […]

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Donation to The Cope Foundation

On Tuesday, 5th class walked to the Cope Foundation Centre in Fermoy to donate some money. The boys in 5th class completed the Junior Entrepreneur Programme this year with their company “Sweet Treats”. As part of learning about how an entrepreneur builds a business, the pupils baked and sold Rice Krispy Buns, Rocky Road and […]

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Mental Health Awareness in BMMS

  Positive Mental Health Awareness Fortnight was celebrated in BMMS during the month of May. The boys developed awareness and positive attitudes towards their mental health while acknowledging the support systems that we all have available to us. Pupils took part in various different activities to promote positive mental health including interactive games, group discussions, […]

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Sweet Treats

5th class have been participating in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme this year. This involved the pupils choosing a product to sell and setting up a business from scratch. The pupils chose to make non-bake goods and sell them during school breaks. We called our company Sweet Treats and pupils in all classes throughout the school […]

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Skipping Workship

All pupils in BMMS took part in a Skipping Workshop on Monday. The children learned that not only is skipping fun but it is also a great form of exercise. Pupils were invited to showcase the different skipping techniques they learned during the day for parents, teachers and all classes in the afternoon. It was […]

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Learning about Light!

This week in 5th class we learned about light. We learned that light travels in straight lines. Light can be refracted (bent) as it passes through some materials like air or water. Put a pencil into a glass of water and you will see an example of refraction. We also learned that white light is made […]

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