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The Egyptians

This week 3rd and 4th class studied all about  the Ancient Egyptians.  We used our  ipads to look up information on the Egyptians and the children created their own project based on the topic. We learned that Tutankhamun became king of Egypt at the age of 8 and ruled until his death at the age […]

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art expo 3

Open Night Art Exhibition

Visitors from far and wide visited Bishop Murphy Memorial School Fermoy, to enjoy our fantastic art exhibition which coincided with our school’s open night. All children love doing art at school and the exhibition was a great opportunity for our students to show off their talent to parents, teachers and friends. On Thursday night, 9th March, […]

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Some boys really enjoyed “Penguins in the Fridge” by Nicola Moon. It was a nice story. Joe really wanted a pet. Joe’s mum did not. She thought pets were too smelly, too expensive and too noisy. In her opinion, pets were too everything. Joe was very sad. However he decided to get his bits and […]

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Pottery Fun in December!

2nd / 3rd class and the Rainbow Room, together with all of the children in our school, are enjoying pottery this December. From funny frogs to fantastic fish, we’ve been getting our hands dirty rolling and shaping clay into wonderful pieces.  Along the way, we’ve learned how to use our fingers to mould clay and how […]

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Halloween Art in Resource Room

The students that visit Mr. O’Donoghue’s  room have been very busy this week honing their artistic skills.  With the Halloween break just a number of days away now, the boys have set forth toward creating a Halloween-esque atmosphere in the room. As you can see below the boys designed some fabulous pumpkins with the aid […]

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3rd & 4th Class Pottery

Third and Fourth class recently completed some very enjoyable Pottery classes with Fin. The boys were shown a variety of techniques and learned how to mould the clay into lots of different shapes and forms. They used their imaginations and creativity and made beautiful clay houses and containers in the shape of a head. Fin […]

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2nd/3rd Class Enjoys Pottery

Last November, 2nd and 3rd class had six very enjoyable pottery sessions with Fin. We designed beautiful houses, funny head containers and our own name plates. When it was ready, Fin took some of our work home to put into his kiln to dry. Later, we glazed the plates and containers with P.V.A. glue and painted them different colours. We […]

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3rd and 4th Pottery Lessons

Third and fourth class have recently started pottery lessons.  The boys are really enjoying these lessons mainly due to the enthusiasm and amazing skills of their pottery teacher Finn.  These lesson will continue for the next couple of weeks.  Here are some pictures from the first few lessons, in which they made containers in the […]

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