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Science Week

This week the pupils of 4th/5th had the opportunity to meet real-life scientists who work in IPIC (Irish Photonic Integration Centre). IPIC hosted a Science workshop at the local library whereby the pupils investigated what colour light really is and look at the different types of light sources. Students made their own spectroscopes to investigate […]

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Busy Bees

The wonderful pupils in 3rd class have worked extremely hard this term. In science we discussed the importance of looking after our teeth. The boys predicted, investigated and measured  the amount of sugar present in various drinks. We were then able to identify which drink contained the most sugar and which contained the least amount […]

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3rd and 4th Class

3rd and 4th Class have been working extremely hard this term. The children got the opportunity to design and create their own parachute. We learned that gravity pulls a parachute down, but as it falls air gets trapped under the canopy.  The trapped air pushes up against the canopy, making the parachute fall slowly.   […]

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Shocking Science!

It’s been a busy time scientifically for our second class in recent weeks. With these sudden changes in temperature we are experiencing, we in Rang 2, decided to investigate heat, temperatures and insulation. Many predictions were proven correct (and incorrect!) but great fun finding out was ultimately the end result. We also attempted some engineering […]

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Day of Celebration

June 2nd last was a great day of celebration for Bishop Murphy Memorial School as we received the following awards:   Digital School of Distinction Green Flag for Energy Discover Primary Science and Maths Excellence Award Junior Entrepreneur Award It was a fabulous day as the photographs attest to. The flags were raised by our […]

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3rd & 4th hands on heart!

A multitude of talent will be on display tomorrow night during our annual “Open Night”, as the boys prepare to exhibit their masterpieces on which they’ve worked so diligently these past weeks. They got plenty “dry-runs” including an amazing workshop on cartoon drawing which they thoroughly enjoyed (as evidenced in photos below). They’ve also been […]

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Learning about Light!

This week in 5th class we learned about light. We learned that light travels in straight lines. Light can be refracted (bent) as it passes through some materials like air or water. Put a pencil into a glass of water and you will see an example of refraction. We also learned that white light is made […]

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Science Week Invigorates 3rd & 4th!

Science week was well and truly entered into with great fervour in BMMS recently. As you can see below the boys were very busy constructing original baking-tray designs of how they imagine space to be; embarking on a scavenger hunt to find out which planet has the most moons (Jupiter); which planet has the longest […]

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Science and Maths Excellence recognised in special award

(by Avondhu Press; 29th June 2014) Science and Maths excellence at Bishop Murphy School, Fermoy. Fermoy’s Bishop Murphy School, is one of 75 Cork primary schools to receive the esteemed Discover Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) Award of Science and Maths Excellence. Fermoy’s Bishop Murphy School, is one of 75 Cork primary schools to receive […]

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BMMS goes for ten in a row !

This year, Bishop Murphy Memorial School is on the cusp of creating history. We are on the verge of receiving a record tenth Discovery Primary Science and Maths Excellence Award. There are only 16 schools in the entire country who can lay claim to this achievement. Well done to students and staff for all their […]

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