Situated in the heart of Fermoy town in north Co. Cork, Bishop Murphy Memorial School caters for the primary education of boys from Second to Sixth Classes.

Welcome from the Principal

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Dr. Tom Cavanagh, past pupil and long supporting friend of this school. Without his contribution, this website could not have been developed.

This website provides you with the opportunity to gain some insight into the vibrant learning environment that exists within our school.

The school is a fundamental part of Fermoy’s history, dating back to 1904 and producing so many students that went on to flourish and become the embodiment of what this school represents – lifelong learners.

We invite you to explore our website, learn more about our school and view samples of our students’ project work.

James O’ Donoghue, Principal of Bishop Murphy Memorial School

Our Mission Statement / Ár Ráiteas Misean

Bishop Murphy Memorial School strives to provide a productive, caring, happy and secure learning environment where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of our pupils are nurtured and developed. The staff of the school at all times endeavour to realise the potential of the pupils in our care and strive to work together to optimise their educational experience. Parents are welcome in our school as partners in the educational process. In this regard, we strive to ensure that co-operation and communication between school and home is maximised, as an essential element of this educational process.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a ‘learning organisation’ where other religions are respected and catered for in keeping with the Catholic ethos of the school
  • To foster an acceptance of the dynamic multicultural transformation of today’s society
  • To encourage caring, competence, equality, and responsible social and economic development as the powerful forces for personal growth and advance
  • To empower the pupils to reach their full potential academically, morally and spiritually and thus graduate from the school as sharing, caring and responsible beings

Our Motto:

  • Per ardua as astra
  • Striving for excellence
  • Ár ndícheall i gcónaí


This school was built in 1904 and formally opened in 1905 by the Christian Brothers. In 1976, the Christian Brothers announced their intention to leave Fermoy. In 1980 with the closure of the Secondary School, the Brothers left the town after 118 years. The school is still referred to as “The Brothers”! The schools crest shows five steps representing the five years/classes through which the pupils advance in the school. The mitre represents the Catholic ethos of the school and also Bishop Timothy Murphy, who contributed so much to education in Fermoy. The open book represents education that is ongoing and for life. Today we have 100 pupils and we have four classroom teachers, one learning support and resource teacher, four special needs assistant and a secretary.

Our school is a vibrant community where much learning and activity takes place. We have also built up a proud sporting and musical tradition. Many pupils learn to play a variety of musical instruments during and after school. Participation in sport is also actively encouraged and our school successfully participates in a variety of pursuits including Gaelic Football and Hurling, Soccer and Athletics. Bishop Murphy Memorial School endeavours to provide each pupil with a wide variety of learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. The school has a rich tradition in music, with all classes learning the tin whistle. The school choir make a special contribution to school celebrations, while also performing at events such as Cór Fhéile na Scol and Feis Maitiú. The pupils have an opportunity to display their many talents through Christmas Shows at Fermoy Youth Centre each year. Read more here.


Within the classroom, initiatives such as Station Teaching and Cross Aged Peer Tutoring are adopted to meet the needs of all pupils, while also making learning fun and relevant for the children. The school also places a high importance on the use of technology in education and all classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard. In this school we have embraced modern technology with enthusiasm. Our specially fitted Computer Room has 20 personal computers so each child can have a go without having to queue up. They learn how to use the PC and how to access and use fun learning sites on the internet. The internet has essential sources of interactive learning games which help children have fun while they puzzle through the problems. Computers are used as a means of learning and reinforcing many of the subject areas. They are a fun way to learn. The Green Schools Committee, provide daily examples of the responsible, caring and resourceful nature of the children in Bishop Murphy Memorial School.

The School Emblem

emblemThe introduction of a school uniform in 1992 was followed a year later with the design and adoption of a school emblem.
School Emblem

The background colours of black and yellow echo the traditional school colours of black and amber, a combination which for many years has also been the favour of the Fermoy GAA club.

The colours are broken diagonally by a series of five steps symbolising the advance of pupils over the five years / classes catered for in the school.

The mitre, as well as signifying the Catholic ethos of the school, also pays homage to Bishop Timothy Murphy, a bishop of our diocese, Cloyne, and the last to reside in the town of Fermoy. His contribution to the cause of education in Fermoy during the 19th century is honoured in the name of the school. The crucifix on the mitre is in the green colour of Cloyne diocese.

Finally an open book reminds us that the formation of those young people who pass through the school is both a responsibility and a privilege and that education is for life.