Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways to prepare children for success and that is our motto at Bishop Murphy School. Having a positive attitude to learning and education is key and gives a child an excellent start in life. We are striving for 100 percent attendance and with that goal in mind we spoke to the NEWB. Together we came up with the idea of attendance drives. These take part twice a year; the three weeks running up to the Christmas holidays and the three weeks running up to the summer holidays. Any child who is in school for a full week gets a ticket. Those in school for two full weeks get two tickets and those children who attend school for the full three weeks get three tickets. All tickets earned are put into a hat and a winner is drawn from each class. The boys in the pictures above were lucky enough to be the winners before the summer holidays. We are delighted to announce that the attendance drives are s great success and the attendance statistics have increased as a result. Our next drive will be in December. Keep up the momentum boys and parents!