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3rd class investigates the importance of hand washing.

The boys in 3rd class have settled back into school and are all working very hard. We recently discussed the importance of hand washing and learned how to wash our hands properly. We completed the mouldy bread experiment to highlight the importance of washing our hands. The experiment involved putting slices of bread into ziplock bags. [...]

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A Special Treat for 3rd Class

Unfortunately due to current circumstances the First Holy Communion due to take place on the 17th of October was cancelled. Everyone was extremely disappointed  as the boys worked extremely hard preparing for their special day. On  Friday the 16th of October we decided to mark the occasion. A very kind and generous parent donated pizzas to the class. [...]

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Happy Pancake Tuesday!( 3rd class)

3rd class used their ipads to find out some background information in relation to Pancake Tuesday. They gathered this information and then created a book on Book Creator. Here are  some interesting facts that the children found out.  Pancake Tuesday is also called Shrove Tuesday. It is a Christian feast day. It is always the day [...]

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Active School Flag-‘Active Break Everyday Challenge’

This year Bishop Murphy Memorial School has decided to take part in the Active School Flag (ASF) initiative. This initiative aims to get more schools, more active, more often. International research proves that active children focus and learn better. They also enjoy school more. On the 11th of November the pupils and staff at Bishop Murphy [...]

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3rd Class School Tour

3rd class went on their school tour on the 12th of June. They visited the Lifetime Lab, Cork City Gaol and Planet Bowling.  Our first stop was to the Lifetime Lab where the boys became familiar with the story of the Old Cork Waterworks. They visited the old buildings and saw the machinery that supplied water [...]

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Together We Grow

On Thursday the 16th of May 3rd Class boys were invited to participate in a planting ceremony which is a UN backed global initiative. Bishop Murphy Memorial School was selected to take part in this initiative  due to our hard work in relation to the Green Flag. On the day we got the opportunity  to plant [...]

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3rd Class

Making Butter 3rd class had great fun making butter. We poured cream into jam jars and working together we had to shake the jar for 10 to 15 minutes. We investigated each jar and noticed that the yellow solid lump was butter and the white liquid was buttermilk. Take a look at the photos to see [...]

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Busy Bees

The wonderful pupils in 3rd class have worked extremely hard this term. In science we discussed the importance of looking after our teeth. The boys predicted, investigated and measured  the amount of sugar present in various drinks. We were then able to identify which drink contained the most sugar and which contained the least amount of [...]

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3rd and 4th Class

3rd and 4th Class have been working extremely hard this term. The children got the opportunity to design and create their own parachute. We learned that gravity pulls a parachute down, but as it falls air gets trapped under the canopy.  The trapped air pushes up against the canopy, making the parachute fall slowly.     [...]

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The Egyptians

This week 3rd and 4th class studied all about  the Ancient Egyptians.  We used our  ipads to look up information on the Egyptians and the children created their own project based on the topic. We learned that Tutankhamun became king of Egypt at the age of 8 and ruled until his death at the age of [...]

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