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Enthusiastic Readers

The boys in the Solas Room have been making weekly visits to the library this year. They select two books each week which they read in school. There are a wide variety of books from which to choose and the boys have selected many different genres over the course of the year. They thoroughly enjoy their [...]

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Skills competition

Well done to Sam, Leo and Ryan who recently took part in the Primary Schools Skills Test in Pairc Uí Chaoimh. Thanks also to Sinead for providing transport on the day.

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Sciath na Scol

Pictured below is the school hurling team who participated in the North Cork Sciath na Scol competition today. Well done to all involved.

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Ancient Egypt

In the Solas Room we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have read about the River Nile, the Pyramids of Giza and also Tutankhamun (the boy-king.) We looked at a slide show of pictures of Egyptian art and hieroglyphics. We found this very interesting. In art we constructed our own pyramids and our own [...]

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Solas Room

Solas Room Here is a selection of photos from the Solas Room this year. As you can see they have been very busy boys indeed!!

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Our hurling team were busy boys this year!! Firstly, they participated in the annual Colmans blitz. They won the shield final after an epic battle with Castlelyons. They also participated in the Sciath na Scoil mini 7s in Castlemartyr, the North Cork indoor and outdoor mini 7s, in Mallow and finally the annual North Cork 12 [...]

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North Cork Athletics competition

Boys from 2nd to 6th class recently participated in the North Cork athletics competition. All of the boys ran extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Pictured below are some of our medal winners on the day. Huge thanks to Mitchelstown CBS for their excellent organisation of the event.  

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Cork City Sports

Pictured are Liam and Rajan with their trophies from the Cork City Sports in CIT grounds on June 1st. Well done boys!!Pictured are the boys from BMMS who took part in the Cork City Sports athletics event.

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The Renaissance

Last week we studied the Renaissance. Renaissance art is often divided into two periods, the Early and High Renaissance. Early Renaissance was from 1400-1479 and High Renaissance was from 1475-1525.  We looked up a lot of our information on various websites. The Renaissance is full of artists, scientists, poets and all great creators. It began in [...]

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Native Americans

                  Native Americans A few weeks ago our class studied all about Native Americans in history. We learned that the first people to live in North America were Native Americans. Over 15,000 years ago they walked from Asia to North America. Once upon a time the two continents [...]

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