Marcin, San, Kuba and Vasco have shown a great interest in the toy pirate ship called the “Adventure” and eagerly await to see it reach its destination, wherever that may be!

Kuba told us that it was made by two brothers in Scotland with the help of their dad. Ollie and Harry Ferguson launched the “Adventure” in May. It sailed from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire in Scotland and ended up in Scandinavia.

Sam did some research on the countries in Scandinavia and found out that the “Adventure” was taken over by the crew of a Norwegian tall ship.

Marcin checked out the Norwegian tall ship and found out that it was called “ The Christian Radich.” The people on board took the toy pirate ship and put real sails on it and filled it with polystyrene to make it stronger and more seaworthy. They took it on a journey to West Africa.

Vasco discovered that the “Adventure” was then launched off the west coast of Africa. It sailed away from Mauritania and the Ferguson’s hope it will reach the Caribbean which was famous for pirates long ago. You too can follow the path of the “Adventure” to see where it ends up!