6th class

STEM skills

The wonderful pupils of 6th class were busy developing their STEM through maths and science. As part of Maths Week, we focused on mental maths strategies using Mangahigh and the children encountered some visual brainteasers to develop their "maths eye". In Science, they recently learned about the centre of gravity and how to move their centre [...]

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Van Gogh “City at Night” art by 6th class

The pupils in 6th class were busy working on a collage using felt strips to create a scene dedicated to Van Gogh's "City at Night" theme. They found it challenging to cut the felt initially but discovered the correct cutting technique in the process. We looked at some famous skylines around the world in cities such [...]

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Learning about Climate Change

The talented boys in 6th class were very busy this week learning about climate change and its effects on wildlife and the wider environment. As part of our climate change theme, the pupils painted their very own posters to promote awareness of climate change using powerful imagery. They spent the start of the visual art lesson [...]

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Junior Conferring Tour 2020 @ U.C.C

Many thanks to J.P Quinn and the staff at U.C.C who hosted a wonderful Junior Conferring Tour for the 6th class pupils of Bishop Murphy Memorial School. The boys had a great day as they toured the campus and visited the impressive Crawford Observatory where they learned about Howard Grubb and the invention of the equatorial [...]

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Creating wordles in 6th Class

The pupils in 6th have been enjoying reading the novel "Boy in the Striped Pyjamas". As part of our journey with Bruno and all the other characters, we have been busy developing the boys' vocabulary. At the beginning of our reading lessons the boys are given the opportunity to skim through the next five to six [...]

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Meet and Greet with children’s author

It's been a busy term for the avid readers of sixth class and one of the highlights this term was a meet and greet with children's author Dave Donohue. The children got the chance to ask Dave a plethora of questions about the writing process and in particular how to formulate a good story. Dave explained [...]

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