Van Gogh “City at Night” art by 6th class

The pupils in 6th class were busy working on a collage using felt strips to create a scene dedicated to Van Gogh's "City at Night" theme. They found it challenging to cut the felt initially but discovered the correct cutting technique in the process. We looked at some famous skylines around the world in cities such [...]

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Learning about Climate Change

The talented boys in 6th class were very busy this week learning about climate change and its effects on wildlife and the wider environment. As part of our climate change theme, the pupils painted their very own posters to promote awareness of climate change using powerful imagery. They spent the start of the visual art lesson [...]

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Busy Bees

The wonderful pupils in 3rd class have worked extremely hard this term. In science we discussed the importance of looking after our teeth. The boys predicted, investigated and measured  the amount of sugar present in various drinks. We were then able to identify which drink contained the most sugar and which contained the least amount of [...]

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Creating works of Art

The wonderful pupils of 4th and 5th class were busy exploring paint and colour inspired by the style of the famous New York artist James Rizzi. The theme of the day was the New York skyline and the class really tapped into the cartoon-like colours and irregular shaped buildings. Well done to all the pupils on [...]

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Friendship Week 2018

Friendship Week 2018 was celebrated in BMMS in conjunction with Fermoy Friendship Week. It was a fun filled week with a wide range of activities to promote friendship. Here’s a small snippet of some of the activities pupils enjoyed - making a new buddy, reciting poems, singing songs, writing friendship recipes, playing inclusive games and adding [...]

Fin returns for more pottery learning

Our ever popular pottery teacher, Fin, returned for pottery lessons. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with clay and are looking forward to more fun on Thursday.

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The Egyptians

This week 3rd and 4th class studied all about  the Ancient Egyptians.  We used our  ipads to look up information on the Egyptians and the children created their own project based on the topic. We learned that Tutankhamun became king of Egypt at the age of 8 and ruled until his death at the age of [...]

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Rotary Club Photography

The pupils have entered the local Rotary Club Photography Competition. The theme this year is "Amazing Faces". Here are some of the fantastic photographs created through our pupil's creativity.

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Open Night Art Exhibition

Visitors from far and wide visited Bishop Murphy Memorial School Fermoy, to enjoy our fantastic art exhibition which coincided with our school's open night. All children love doing art at school and the exhibition was a great opportunity for our students to show off their talent to parents, teachers and friends. On Thursday night, 9th March, at [...]

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Some boys really enjoyed “Penguins in the Fridge” by Nicola Moon. It was a nice story. Joe really wanted a pet. Joe’s mum did not. She thought pets were too smelly, too expensive and too noisy. In her opinion, pets were too everything. Joe was very sad. However he decided to get his bits and pieces [...]

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