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Food dudes!

Food dudes is proving to be a big hit at Bishop Murphy Memorial School. The boys are enjoying trying out lots of fruit and vegetables such as peppers, carrots, grapes and satsumas! The boys have already received some fantastic rewards for trying them out each day. Piotr and Noah from 6th Class are doing a fantastic [...]

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Food Dudes

We are participating in an exciting Healthy Eating Programme in BMMS. We were delighted to be chosen to do this and we hope that all of the children, parents and teachers enjoy partaking in it. Phase 1 for the Rainbow Room and Solas will begin Tuesday 15th of October and run for 16 days in school. [...]

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Friendship Week 2018

Friendship Week 2018 was celebrated in BMMS in conjunction with Fermoy Friendship Week. It was a fun filled week with a wide range of activities to promote friendship. Here’s a small snippet of some of the activities pupils enjoyed - making a new buddy, reciting poems, singing songs, writing friendship recipes, playing inclusive games and adding [...]

Healthy Eating in BMMS!

All pupils in Bishop Murphy made a big effort to eat healthier in term two of our school year. Skipping ropes were awarded to our healthiest eaters: those who included lots of fruit and vegetables in their lunchboxes and to those who made an effort to eat new fruit and veg they had never tasted before. [...]

BMMS on a Nutri Safari!

Well done to the pupils of Ms Daly's class as they recently visited Super Valu in Femoy to go on a 'Nutri Safari'. A nutritionist took the class on an educational tour of the shop where they learned about the benefits of a balanced diet and how different foods help their body. Thanks to our Health [...]

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