Whole School Wellbeing and Amber Flag.

This year in Bishop Murphy Memorial School we have put a big emphasis on wellbeing by engaging in our Whole School wellbeing initiative. We are working very hard to build positive attitudes and are hoping to achieve the Pieta House Amber Flag by promoting positive mental health! We actively take part in wellbeing activities on a [...]

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Science Week

The Rainbow Room had a great time celebrating Science Week, which ran from the 8th to the 15th of November. During the week we did a range of experiments, such as building towers of Lego to see who could build the tallest one, making rafts for our furry friends to float on and exploring how wet [...]

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3rd class investigates the importance of hand washing.

The boys in 3rd class have settled back into school and are all working very hard. We recently discussed the importance of hand washing and learned how to wash our hands properly. We completed the mouldy bread experiment to highlight the importance of washing our hands. The experiment involved putting slices of bread into ziplock bags. [...]

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GOAL Jersey Day 2020

Bishop Murphy School were delighted to support GOAL Jersey Day again this year. GOAL are involved in lots of programmes all around the world, working with communities who face extreme poverty and crisis. GOAL focuses on saving lives, alleviating human suffering and building resilience for the future. Well done to all the boys and staff who [...]

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School gets set for new term

The principal and the staff at Bishop Murphy Memorial School have been busy preparing our school to welcome all the wonderful pupils back on Friday. There have been some new changes made to our corridors with signage which will help keep everyone safe and well. There have been upgrade works carried out on our sash windows [...]

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Creative in 2nd class!

We have been really creative in our learning in 2nd class, constructing homes for art, experimenting for science and working together in groups for maths. We love leaning how to play popular songs on the piano on our iPads and we are so lucky that a very talented 6th class boy called Sean has visited our [...]

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Junior Conferring Tour 2020 @ U.C.C

Many thanks to J.P Quinn and the staff at U.C.C who hosted a wonderful Junior Conferring Tour for the 6th class pupils of Bishop Murphy Memorial School. The boys had a great day as they toured the campus and visited the impressive Crawford Observatory where they learned about Howard Grubb and the invention of the equatorial [...]

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4th Class Christmas Play

4th Class have spent the last few weeks preparing for their Christmas Show. The show they chose to perform this year was “The Donkey Seller”. It was an alternative take on the traditional nativity. It told the story of a Donkey Seller who sells donkeys to Mary and Joseph, the shephards and to the three wise [...]

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