An air of excitement wafted through the corridors of Bishop Murphy Memorial School on the day of the Easter holidays. It was the day of the long awaited swimming gala. As they gathered together to go to the pool, the boys discussed what strokes they  were doing and who would be in the relay team. For some, it was the first time participating in a gala and the nerves began to kick in. For others, they knew the score and assured the newcomers that all would be ok! 

The boys were really well behaved on the day and were delighted with their certs and medals. They certainly did BMMS proud. Thanks to the parents who attended to support the swimmers and who made sure to collect the boys on time. The staff would like to extend a word of thanks to the swimming club and all who organised the event. It was a very well run gala. A special word of thanks must go to Susan Slattery(parent), Helen Forrester(SNA) and Claire Dillon( teacher) who looked after the boys. We look forward to our next chance to participate in a swimming gala!