Friendship Week was a very exciting one in Bishop Murphy School. Staff and pupils alike partook enthusiastically in the Random Acts of Kindness Initiative. Everyone agreed that kindness has a very positive effect on people.
The initiative was launched in the school on Friday March 24th when a timetable for the week was distributed to all classes. A list of activities was recommended for each class and slots for attending the Random Act of Kindness Board were chosen.
It was decided to sing Count on Me by Bruno Mars and to recite The Beauty of Friendship by Helen Steiner Rice at the end of the week. In each class, secret friends were picked and only revealed at the end of the week.
Various competitions took place during the week-acrostic poems, slogans, posters, iPad work,friendship chains, friendly faces collage work and many others. Prizes were given to each class and lots of excitement ensued.
Unfortunately our circle of friends activity for the yard had to be abandoned due to inclement weather conditions.
The school community as a whole felt that the kindness shown by everyone was heart warming and created a wonderful atmosphere.
We wait in anticipation for Friendship Week 2018!