How time flies when you’re having fun! Judging by the accompanying pictures, I’m sure you will agree that fun is what we have certainly had throughout the month of June. Firstly, we have had Antonio teaching the boys the fundamentals of spikeball. This is a four-a-side game very similar to volleyball but the rotational rules allow for much more pupil participation. The celebratory moves devised by each team added to the enjoyment.

Next up was our school tour to the Let’s Go camp in Mallow. Here the boys enjoyed activities such as human table football, kmarx (karting), zorbing, wrecking ball, wobbly ladders, air mountain, rock climbing and unihoc. We then finished up with a trip to McDonalds in the town centre.

Finally, our “pièce de résistance” was the eagerly anticipated fashion extravaganza!! We studied the history of clothes from 1900 right up to today. The boys researched outfits, downloaded appropriate music for each era and wrote out a commentary to explain their choices. The resulting show was very much enjoyed by pupils and staff. Well done to all.