We had a fantastic time down in the local library recently with award-winning authors Graham Tugwell and Dave Rudden who hosted a show known as ‘Greetings Heroes’. The pupils in 4th/5th class were treated to a fun-filled interactive lesson in an immersive storytelling scenario. The pupils were split into groups and each group was cast as a unique character (mage, warrior, rogue, human paladian and hobbit thief!). The pupils had a dual role as both audience members and writers during the hilarious and exciting narrative. Key decisions had to be made by each group’s character in order to determine the direction of the story and fate of each character. Every scene was brought to life by Dave and Graham’s unique storytelling. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned about the structure of storytelling, emotional literacy and problem-solving through a cross-curricular approach involving drama and literacy. Many thanks to the staff at Fermoy Library for inviting us and hosting the event and a huge thanks to Dave and Graham for giving the children a day to remember!