While not wishing to make the child’s day as long as an adult’s, it is felt that some homework is necessary to help root the knowledge learned in school. The guiding principles in assigning homework should be that:

  1. the children are well prepared
  2. the homework is constructive rather than occupational


  1. To consolidate school work
  2. To show the teacher what has or has not been learned
  3. To show which pupils are weak or strong
  4. To help prepare for the next step
  5. To show the pupil what he has learned
  6. To open new slants
  7. To provide an opportunity to work away from class pressures
  8. Some work is best done at home
  9. To help with revision
  10. To train pupils to work on their own
  11. To build a sense of achievement, self-confidence, initiative and self-discipline
  12. To show parents what pupils are doing and can do
  13. To involve parents with their children’s school work
  14. Can be useful for self-correction.


  1. A little well done
  2. Tendency for lighter work loads at week-ends
  3. Pupils should be trained in study techniques, timing and planning


  1. Should be used to review work already done
  2. Should be carefully selected
  3. Should be interesting and relevant
  4. Should not be used as punishment


  1. Pupils: necessary for their own good – discuss
  2. Teachers: necessary supplement work done in school, not just for its own sake
  3. Parents: while not being overanxious, parents should not be indifferent and should provide insofar as they can suitable and comfortable conditions