Maths is an important skill for all members of society to embrace. Maths is all around us. Whether we’re doing the weekly shop, some laundry or preparing dinner, mathematical thinking is involved! If you talk to your children about simple Maths concepts such as size, weight,distance,time and counting, they can hear Maths language and see how it is used.

So why not join us this Maths week and get everyone involved in Meaningful Maths at home?

5 ways you can encourage Maths at home:

1. LAUNDRY- sorting, grouping, matching (socks!), comparing( which family member has most laundry!), counting(clothes pegs)

2. KITCHEN – sorting(cutlery), matching(placemats/glasses/spoons), comparing(portions),counting (cookies in a jar!)

3. SHOPPING – classifying( dairy,meat,sweet),counting (veg vs goodies), budget, percentage free, 3 for 2 offers…..

4. PLAY-TIME – card games, dominoes, board games with dice, playing shop, doctor’s surgery(temperatures/height)

5. IN THE GARDEN – estimate and measure dimensions.

REMEMBER: Be positive! Make it fun! Reward EFFORT and RESILIENCE rather than speed and intelligence.

Getting over the struggle is where the magic happens!!