Native Americans

A few weeks ago our class studied all about Native Americans in history. We learned that the first people to live in North America were Native Americans. Over 15,000 years ago they walked from Asia to North America. Once upon a time the two continents were linked by a bridge made of ice. The sea overtime rose and covered this bridge. This sea today is known as the Bering Strait.

The Native Americans broke into groups called tribes.

Arctic tribes

Northwest coast tribes

California tribes

Southwest tribes

Eastern woodland tribes

Plains tribes

Native Americans lived in different types of houses. They needed homes to be built easily and easy to move. Some of these homes needed to protect them from the weather.

Types of homes





Different Tribes wore different clothes. They made their clothes from animal skin such as deer and buffalo. They wore leather shoes called Moccasins. The men wore breechcloths. These were long pieces of cloth tucked over a belt. Each tribe wore different types of headwear.

Native Americans used any food that was available to them. Corn was their main food for meals. Fishing was also very important and some tribes hunted animals such as buffalo, deer and goats.

The tribes from Eastern woodlands were farmers. The tribes of the Plains were hunters. The tribes of the arctic region it was too cold for farming so they hunted and fished. The tribes from the North West fished for salmon.

We made totem poles in art, they are monumental sculptures made by the Native Americans.

We broke into 3 groups and made 3 different types of totem poles.

One was black and white with skulls. The second was colourful and 3rd was animal orientated. Materials used were an insert of a carpet roll for pole, cardboard, feathers, coloured jewels, fabric and an upholstery stapler.

We looked up information on Native Americans on our IPads. We found pictures of the various houses and also found out what they eat and all about their daily lives. We had to imagine we were Native Americans and write a piece on life as a Native American. We had great fun and thought it was very interesting. Our favourite part was making the Totem poles. Have a look at our pictures!!!!

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By: Emmett, Bartosz and Brendan.