Attendance Competition Winners!

A huge congratulations to our summer 2019 attendance competition winners! Aaron Galvin 2nd class, Jack O’Connor Rainbow Class, Kevin Walsh 3rd class, Duane O’Donoghue 4th class, Conor O’Callaghan 5th class, reaped the benefits of full attendance this June! Well done boys!

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6th Class Graduation

On Friday June 21st we celebrated the graduation of our 6th class boys. The children looked at memories of the past five years and were surrounded by their friends and family smiling proudly on. Each member of 6th class was presented with a graduation certificate. Following this, the children, along with many family members attended the [...]

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Health Promoting Schools Flag Day

On the 11th of April we received the Health Promoting Schools Flag. Our theme this year as part of our health promotion initiative was 'well-being'. We focused on mental health and introduced meditation to the boys. We have a healthy eating policy in our school and the boys come to school with very healthy lunchboxes! We [...]

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4th/5th Class School Tour

The pupils of 4th/5th class had an eventful and fun outing for their school tour this week. The tour commenced with a trip to the Lifetime Lab where the boys learned about the history of the old Cork City Waterworks. The children learned about the science behind water filtration and got to take part in an [...]

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ICT Investment

As a digital school of distinction, Bishop Murphy School is committed to its digital strategy and to continuing to enhance its digital infrastructure. This summer we have bought 15 new iPads, thanks to parent-funding and a Department of Education grant. A new iPad management system, using software called ZuluDesk, is also being rolled out on a [...]

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2nd Class Explore Fortress Spike !!

The tour started with a 20 minute ferry journey that tells the fascinating story of Cobh and Cork harbour. Once on the island we learned about island life, nature and geography from Rob our tour guide while we walked beautiful island trails. Then it was onto exploring the imposing Fortress Spike which at 24 acres it [...]

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3rd Class School Tour

3rd class went on their school tour on the 12th of June. They visited the Lifetime Lab, Cork City Gaol and Planet Bowling.  Our first stop was to the Lifetime Lab where the boys became familiar with the story of the Old Cork Waterworks. They visited the old buildings and saw the machinery that supplied water [...]

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