Happy Pancake Tuesday!( 3rd class)

3rd class used their ipads to find out some background information in relation to Pancake Tuesday. They gathered this information and then created a book on Book Creator. Here are  some interesting facts that the children found out.  Pancake Tuesday is also called Shrove Tuesday. It is a Christian feast day. It is always the day [...]

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Truth Be Told, Diversity Is Worth More Than Gold!

Our school’s Yellow Flag Committee recently held a competition to find a suitable slogan to celebrate multi-culturalism in our school. The boys from all of the classes came up with wonderful slogans which promote friendship, inclusivity and diversity. The committee’s task was to choose the best slogan - not easy! They finally whittled it down to [...]

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An Gorta Mór (5th class)

We have recently been learning all about The Great Famine (An Gorta Mór) in Ireland. We began by looking at the background to and causes of the Famine during our history lessons. We did various drama activities on the theme of the famine also which was great fun. We did an improvisation, a freeze frame and [...]

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Creative in 2nd class!

We have been really creative in our learning in 2nd class, constructing homes for art, experimenting for science and working together in groups for maths. We love leaning how to play popular songs on the piano on our iPads and we are so lucky that a very talented 6th class boy called Sean has visited our [...]

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Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor visits B.M.M.S

The pupils of Bishop Murphy Memorial School were treated to a special surprise visit by two legends of snooker; six time world title winner Steve Davis and former world title winner Dennis Taylor. Many thanks to David Joyce for organizing the visit. The children had great fun as Steve and Dennis exchanged some jokes and Steve [...]

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Junior Conferring Tour 2020 @ U.C.C

Many thanks to J.P Quinn and the staff at U.C.C who hosted a wonderful Junior Conferring Tour for the 6th class pupils of Bishop Murphy Memorial School. The boys had a great day as they toured the campus and visited the impressive Crawford Observatory where they learned about Howard Grubb and the invention of the equatorial [...]

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Creating wordles in 6th Class

The pupils in 6th have been enjoying reading the novel "Boy in the Striped Pyjamas". As part of our journey with Bruno and all the other characters, we have been busy developing the boys' vocabulary. At the beginning of our reading lessons the boys are given the opportunity to skim through the next five to six [...]

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4th Class Christmas Play

4th Class have spent the last few weeks preparing for their Christmas Show. The show they chose to perform this year was “The Donkey Seller”. It was an alternative take on the traditional nativity. It told the story of a Donkey Seller who sells donkeys to Mary and Joseph, the shephards and to the three wise [...]

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Meet and Greet with children’s author

It's been a busy term for the avid readers of sixth class and one of the highlights this term was a meet and greet with children's author Dave Donohue. The children got the chance to ask Dave a plethora of questions about the writing process and in particular how to formulate a good story. Dave explained [...]

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