GOAL Jersey Day 2019

Well done to all the boys who took part in our GOAL Jersey Day fundraiser on the 11th of October 2019. We were delighted to raise funds for such a worthy cause!

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Food Dudes

We are participating in an exciting Healthy Eating Programme in BMMS. We were delighted to be chosen to do this and we hope that all of the children, parents and teachers enjoy partaking in it. Phase 1 for the Rainbow Room and Solas will begin Tuesday 15th of October and run for 16 days in school. [...]

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Climate Action Week.

As some of you may be aware, next week (Oct 14th-20th) is "Climate Action Week" and October is re-use month. We have the following incentives taking place to encourage sustainability in our school community. ● Please try to avoid plastic straws and food wrapping in lunchboxes. ● Please only use reusable water bottles. ● Turn the [...]

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BMMS Student Council

The purpose of the student council is to give our students a voice in BMMS. It creates opportunities for the development of leadership, responsibility and improved communication between staff and students. It successfully develops a sense of ownership and belonging. A committee of representatives (three students from each class) meet weekly with Ms.Hogan to address the [...]

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We have green fingers in 2nd class!

We really enjoyed rolling up our sleeves and our getting our hands dirty while planting parsley seeds in pots today! We will take great care for them by remembering to water them and keep them in a warm and sunny spot! Hopefully we will get to taste our very own parsley leaves soon!

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Star Line Up in Second Class!

2nd class worked together as a team and won the most stars for best line up on yard for the month of September! We were thrilled to find out that our prize was a pizza party! It was delicious! Keep up the hard work boys !

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