Parents are a huge part of the success of our school. We welcome parents into our school to help us out and see all the great work that their children are doing with their teachers. We love having parents in our school and If you have a special talent that you’re willing to share, please get in touch.

Another important side to parental involvement in our school is within the running of the school. Our Parents Assocation not only help out with fundraising and awareness campaigns, they have important functions such as policy development and any important decisions made in the school.

Fundraising events

The Parents Association have run many fundraising events – for example – the church gate collection, street collections as well as organising the Communion party at our school follwing the actual ceremony. With these funds, we have been able to fundraise for Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom and a modern top of the range computer laboratory containing 19 Windows Seven compatible PC’s, all connected to a fast broadband connection. Without a vibrant Parents Association, none of this would have been possible.

Our school has an open door policy and parents are more than welcome to come in to our school for a visit. Parents can make appointments to speak with teachers at any time of the year and we will always try to solve any issues or help out where we can. Recent studies indicate that the more actively involved a parent is in his/her child’s school life, the more the child excels. When parents and teachers work together, a child has a team of adults who are committed to bringing out their best.