Bishop Murphy Memorial School aims to ensure that children will have a broad development of a Physical Education  programme as possible. This Physical Education programme incorporates 6 strands – Athletics, Dance, Games, Aquatics, Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure. Each class is timetabled for an hour of P.E a week.

Teachers use various resources to assist them with delivering  a well balanced P.E programme. The PSSI Lesson Plans are used throughout the school and is an excellent resource in delivering a well balanced programme. Ms.O Connell and Ms. Brosnan attended a ‘Move Well Move Often’ course where they gained valuable information in relation to fundamental movement skills.Ms. Kevany completed a ‘Ready to Go Orienteering’ course with Cork Sports Partnerships. We received a lot of ideas from the course and got new orienteering equipment for our school.

This year Bishop Murphy Memorial School is putting a special emphasis on the strand Gymnastics. Ms. Buckley completed an online course ‘Movement through Gymnastics and Dance under Current Restrictions. Ms. Buckley received  access to various resources and instructional clips to partake in lessons. She has shared this ideas and resources with the staff members in the school






This term we are working on the Aquatics Strand where we attend swimming lessons in Fermoy Leisure Centre.