In our school we encourage and promote a positive attitude towards physical activity. All classes receive two daily playground breaks.




10@10/Busy Breaks

10 @ 10 and Go Noodle are resources that we frequently use when it is too wet to go outside or when we are able to take a break  from our work.We really enjoy completing the various exercises and improving our dance skills.



Calendar Events

We ensure that we incorporate physical activity into annual calendar events throughout the year. For Christmas we had a Santa Dash. The boys wore their Christmas jumpers and Santa hats. They had great fun running around dressed up.


Active Break Every Day Challenge

The pupils  have been enjoying Active Week by doing 10 @ 10 exercises and go-noodle dance breaks. Thanks to the Active Flag Committee for keeping tabs on our daily active chart. The pupils are reaping the benefits of these short active breaks as they feel fresher and more focused in their lessons afterwards.