Boys from 5th and 6th Class have completed projects based on environmental topics such as Reducing Water usage and Saving Energy. A selection of Project X Books which focus on different ways we can help the environment around us named What a Waste, Turn if Off!, In the Bin and Rubbish were useful sources of information for our young Environmental scientists. The children created different posters with ideas about saving both energy and water using their IPAD’s to research what types of things can be recycled and what needs to go in the rubbish and so on. Discussions on topics like why we should try to recycle a lot of our rubbish helped the boys decide on practical steps. Turning off machines when you’re not using them, turning off the lights when you leave a room and not letting hot water run when it is not needed are some of the ways in which they could put what they learnt into practice. The boys put a huge amount of effort and work into their projects.