1. The Board of Management of Bishop Murphy Memorial School, charged with the direct government of the school, has prepared this Safety Statement in accordance with the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 1989, Section 12, sub-sections 1 to 8. In doing so it is mindful of the unique place the school occupies as an extension of the home life of the child and of the responsibilities entrusted to the personnel of the school by the parents of the pupils.

Safety, health and welfare within the school is , and has always been, a most sacred duty incumbent on all members of the school community and one which calls for constant vigilance.

2. Under Rule 123 (4) and Circular 16/73 of The Department of Education, our Principal Teacher, James O’Donoghue, is responsible for the discipline of the school generally, the control of other members of the teaching staff, including the co-ordination and effective supervision of their work, the organisation of the school and other matters relating to the work of the school. In carrying out these duties, he is required to organise supervision of the order and general behaviour of the pupils during school hours. In particular he should organise and participate in the effective supervision of the pupils during breaks, lunch periods, assembly and dismissal. A table of names and times of supervision duties should be on display in the staffroom. He is to arrange adequate supervision and work for pupils whose teacher is absent. He will hold regular conferences with staff on matters concerning the general work of the school. Our Deputy Principal Claire Tuohy, is required to assist the Principal Teacher in the day to day organisation and supervision of the school. She has also been selected as “Safety Representative” for the school in accordance with Section 13 (3) of the Act. As such, she will conduct consultations with the Principal Teacher and/or with the Board pursuant to this section.

3. The Board of Management in consultation with the Teaching Staff has identified the following areas of school life and activity as requiring special care in order to prevent injury or damage to members of the school community:

(a) Activity outside the Classroom
(b) Activity within the Classroom
(c) Restricted Areas
(d) Hygiene
(e) Fire Drill
(f) First Aid

Our school opens at 9.00am and in accordance with Rule 124, all teachers will be present to exercise the required supervision over their classes at that time. It is recognised that the short break at 11.15am and the lunch break at 1.00pm require special attention and care. Attention of the teaching staff is directed to Rule 121.

4. In all pupil activity involving Games of whatsoever kind Teachers will exercise prudent judgement on the level of safety required and bring to the notice of the Principal any matter requiring corrective action.

  • Special care will be taken on the stairs. All stairs are provided with secure hand rails and slip resistant steps. Running or playing on the stairs is strictly forbidden.
  • Standing on railing ledges, walls, seats etc. is not allowed.
  • Pupils are not allowed leave the yard for any reason without the supervising teacher’s permission.
  • Footballs kicked outside the play area are retrieved under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Pupils are encouraged and indeed obliged to use the litter bins provided in the school yard.
  • The surface of the play area is regularly inspected and kept in good condition. Protruding railings have been carefully padded.
  • Teachers will supervise their pupil’s leaving the school premises at 2.40pm.

Within the classroom and school building during normal school business, the hazards, with potential for injury for all within the school, are:

  • Activity involving the use of tools of any kind e.g. scissors, knives, pointed implements etc.
  • Activity involving the use of electrical power.
  • Moveable furniture.

Our teachers are professional people trained to conduct group activity. However some accidents occur due to oversight or the postponement of rectifying defective equipment e.g. defective plugs, leads and cables, defective desks etc.

Teachers and ancillary staff are requested to conduct a periodic safety check of their classrooms and/or workplace and to effect or request immediate corrective action. For this purpose it is recommended that each teacher keep a written record of the safety checks conducted and actions taken. This record is to be made available on request to the Principal Teacher. This recommendation equally applies to the Secretary and Caretaker.

The restricted areas in our school are as follows:

  • the front of the school
  • the side of the school at the back of the toilets
  • the two sheds which contain tools, paint etc.

Pupils are only allowed play in the play-yard at the back of the school. Bicycles must be kept in the bicycle shed and must not be cycled around the yard.

Hygiene is the concern of everyone in our school. Good hygiene practice is essential for the health and welfare of all in the school. Teachers are requested to train their pupils in good hygiene practice and to bring to the notice of the Principal Teacher any corrective action which may be deemed to be necessary.

The board draws attention to the dangers of Fire and to the loss of life that may be caused in the event of a fire in the school. Each teacher shall instruct his/her pupils in the fire drill to be observed in the event of fire.

Details of all accidents must be recorded on the incident forms. A First Aid Kit is available at all times.

This Safety Statement has been prepared on conditions existing in the premises of the School at the time of writing. It may be altered, revised or updated so as to comply with any changes of conditions.