The top photo shows Marcin, Sam, Kuba, Vasco, Ian and Gabriel. Second photo shows Sam, Ryan, Kuba and Marcin.
The third photo shows Vasco, Gabriel and Ian.
Bishop Murphy Boys Yearn to see the New Robot Barista in Tokyo

A group of boys from Bishop Murphy Memorial School heard about the new Robot Barista in Tokyo. Henna Cafe is where he operates. The boys really want to travel to Japan to see him in action. The robot named Sawyer has a screen face and two cartoon eyes. He has only one arm. Sam would love to hear him ask the question” Would you care for a delicious coffee?”. Kuba wishes to hear him say “ I can make one better than human beings around here”.
Ryan cannot believe that Sawyer can make a hot drink for up to five people at the same time. The robot can make six other hot drinks also. Ian would choose to have a green tea latte. Vasco thinks that the coffee is good value. For one cup of brewed coffee the cost is 2 euro and 33 cent. Gabriel believes that the company that came up with the idea of a robot Barista did very well. It was such a smart idea. Not only will they increase productivity but they will ensure that the customers are entertained also! Marcin would like to see a robot Barista in Fermoy. Who knows? Maybe some day!!!