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When we think about chocolate, the following words come to mind- delicious, scrumptious, mouth-watering, yummy. However when we bite into a bar of chocolate how many of us actually think about where chocolate comes from, how it is made and who is responsible for its production.

Recently in Bishop Murphy School in Fermoy some students began to ask those questions. They decided to contact various chocolate companies to find out. The boys soon discovered that the journey taken in the production of chocolate is a long and arduous one.

Noah Carr and Kuba G. were surprised to learn that the journey starts in the rain forests of Central America with the cocoa tree. The beans are picked, dried out and turned into paste before the journey begins.

The story of chocolate goes back along way and Noah told us about the god Quetzalcoatl. He was the god of farming and the Mayans believed that he brought the cocoa tree from paradise. This made it very valuable indeed.

Kuba discovered that Montezuma the emperor of the Aztecs realised the value of chocolate and gave it to his special courtiers.The Aztecs loved chocolate so much that they wanted to keep it for themselves. However, the secret was out when the explorers travelled to the rain forests and discovered the cocoa bean and brought it back to Europe. The Europeans loved making chocolate from the cocoa beans. Today chocolate is manufactured in factories all over the world.

Noah and Kuba would like to thank four chocolate companies for their information and especially Butlers who sent them on a big box of chocolate truffles.
Noah and Kuba with their box of Butlers' chocolates

Noah and Kuba with their box of Butlers’ chocolates