This year in Bishop Murphy Memorial School we have put a big emphasis on wellbeing by engaging in our Whole School wellbeing initiative. We are working very hard to build positive attitudes and are hoping to achieve the Pieta House Amber Flag by promoting positive mental health!

We actively take part in wellbeing activities on a weekly basis. Each month we have a new theme. So far the themes we have covered are Character Strengths, Growth Mindset and Self-compassion.

Character Strengths: We learned a lot about the 24 character strengths. Knowing our strengths is important as it helps us to think well and make good decisions.

Growth Mindset: Growth mindset is all about not giving up and realising that if we keep trying we can grow mentally and become better! We learned how powerful the word ‘Yet’ is.

Self-Compassion: For December we are learning all about self-compassion. We learned the value in being kind to ourselves and knowing that by being present and mindful we can remain calm and stress free.

4th Class have  also been working very hard on building their resilience by engaging in the Weaving Wellbeing programme. So far the tools of resilience we have learned about are;

  1. The Lucky Dip of Distraction
  2. Planning Pen
  3. Jigsaw of Perspective
  4. Helpful thinking Helmet

Pupil quotes

‘I like wellbeing because you can learn good facts that make you happy’ 4th Class.

‘Wellbeing is nice and calm. It teaches you a lot and it makes me feel calm and happy’ 4th Class.